Guess when and where this actually happened:
“…The fortunate persons who possessed anything that could be eaten or drunk, any extra clothes, furniture or other desirable goods, could ask any price for them. In the shops, customers who were short of funds and had to beg humbly for credit, which after investigation was bestowed with an air of lordly condescension. The restaurants were perhaps the worst places. There the waiters, who reigned supreme, had in many places developed their own system of favoritism.
Black markets and bootlegging grew to enormous proportions. Bartering became brisk. People pretended to observe the price control regulations, but among acquaintances these were not taken too seriously. Every one mobilized his own resources, using various things of actual value-food stores, clothing, household equipment and commodities in general. Currency came to have less meaning, and anybody who lacked goods for exchange had to pay out comparatively large sums for anything he needed…”