We had a good morn, fishing on the sea,

The Captain, the first mate and me.

The catch we took to town, and at the dock,

Saw a crowd of people, quite a flock.

Then came fifteen, maybe more,

They waded right out, straight from the shore.

They said they were in want of a ride,

Across the sea, out to the farthest side.

So we set sail for the south-east coast,

Of the wind, we, as always, made the most.

Until it began to blow, really quite hard,

And the mate yelled out, “Now, watch the yard!”

The waves kept building, up and up,

“Till I couldn’t hold my drink inside my cup.

Then the waves started coming over the rail,

And I thought to myself “We’ll lose the sail”.

Now the deck was all awash with foam,

And the passengers, they wanted to go home.

Then the boat heeled over on it’s side,

And the sail tore loose, where it was tied.

As I tried to fix it, next I see,

A man coming alongside, near to me.

Put out his hand, for to hold the sill,

Then he speaks up, says  “Peace be still!”

Then the wind, I saw, did quickly ease,

‘Till it was no more than a tiny breeze.

When I, at last, gathered in the sail,

And I looked, he wasn’t at the rail.

To his folks he went and gave a talk,

I was busy, on lookout for rock.

So I didn’t hear just what he said,

But I was glad we weren’t all dead.

When we let them out, upon the shore,

I wondered what they’d come here for.

So I asked the mate, of the man I’d seen,

He told me “He’s Jesus, the Nazarene”

I’d heard of him, they say he’s God,

To Him, I must now, give my nod.

I’ll sail any boat He’s aboard,

And not worry what we sailed toward.