I praise You, oh Lord, You’re my guiding light,

Your word fills me up, in the darkness of night,

Always with joy, I have You at my side,

Always in You, I can trust and abide.

Ever, oh Lord,You keep my lamp burning,

Forever, to You, I will always keep turning,

I work and I sweat, and all in Your grace,

And pray to You, Lord, let me see Your face.

I pray to You, Lord, in my prayer I have said,

Protect and keep me, when I sleep in my bed,

Your people will praise You all day with a song,

And I will praise You, throughout the night long.

From the hills around Zion, to the mounts on the moon,

Your people all cry, “O Lord, come here soon!”

With You at my side, I know I’ll want never,

For You are good, and Your mercy endures ever.