Monroe Park is:
A.- A place (most Richmond folks’ answer)
B.- A person (the dreaded FB answer)
C.- a state of mind (the hippie’s answer)
D.- Where you can’t play Loud Music (the punk’s answer)
E.- the People’s Park (the liberal’s answer)
F.- 9.7 acres of Valuable Property (the conservative’s answer)
G.- Dangerous (V.C.U.’s answer)
H.- Cooly Dangerous (the V.C.U. student’s answer)
I.- Where the Poor are (the church’s answer)
J.- Where the Poor are (the temple’s answer)
K.- Where the poor are (the police’s answer)
L.- Near James Monroe’s remains (the historian’s answer)
M.- Near Washington, D.C. (the foreigner’s answer)
N.- Waaaay downtown (the suburbanite’s answer)
O.- Outside downtown (the urbanite’s answer)
P.- What? Where? (the city’s answer)
Q.- A Retirement Plan (o.k.- this is an inside joke)
R.- 6 blocks from the river (the Homeless’ answer)
S.- A food place, on the weekend (the Poor’s answer)
T.- Beautiful, for a little while longer (my answer)Image