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My dad, back in the middle of the last century, and at the request of this nation, fought to end fascism. To end a people being herded around and rounded up, to be put in prison camps, then exterminated. They were doing it right, a “just” war, if you will; to stop one particular type of person being singled out as a “problem” and facing a “final solution”. Thousands of Americans died trying to end this kind of tyranny. We won that war, then.b migmoth

History is repeating itself before your very eyes. Instead of a “Jewish Problem”, now it’s called a “Homeless Problem”. The results are much the same. Homeless folks being herded from place to place; Police conducting “sweeps”, chasing them to abandoned places, actually worse than ghettos. Imprisoned for merely being homeless. It will not be too very long before they are being burned to provide electricity to heat your homes. A new “final solution”. You don’t believe it can happen here? The Germans said the same thing, indeed, refused to believe it happened, even when shown the proof.c homeless

We are on the verge, if not over it, of this becoming a fact, in this country. And people that call themselves Christians, just like Hitler did, are at the very heart of it. City governments all across this land have enacted anti-homeless laws that not only discriminate against them, but make it illegal to even *be* homeless. Other, less evilly-intentioned Christians are trying to help the homeless in their communities. By not protesting against the laws that their employees (the city governments) enact, they are complicit in their crimes against humanity.d 361_n

For a couple of examples, in Pensacola,Florida, they have enacted a law that forbids wearing a blanket outdoors. Regardless of the temperature, you can be arrested for doing this. Hawaii has made it illegal to wear a knapsack in certain parts of the islands. Because it might scare away tourists. Right now, homeless folks are being murdered by police, for whatever the reason; “they’re just homeless people, and that’s a problem”. Do not say that it can’t happen here, because it already is happening…here.e 0820_n

Jesus, Himself, claimed homelessness as His own cause. The time that He spent proclaiming the good news to the poor was spent on the run from a government that wanted Him dead, for protesting against their behavior. Every time that you drive past a guy standing on the corner with a sign, you are spitting in Jesus’ face. Every time you do not go make a friend of somebody in need, you are driving the nails in deeper to His wrists and ankles. And when you do not fight against laws that discriminate against the poor, you are driving His cross more firmly into the earth.f IMG00003 B

I have to think that my dad, and countless of those other deceased veterans that died for you, would be ashamed of all of us. I am.