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Take me home

Take me home, O Lord, take me home,
For I am weary and tired of this place,
Tired of hurting, yet a bit more I’ll take,
To bring me closer to Your face.

Tired of the lives snuffed out too young,
Tired of the lives wasted for nothing,
Tired of the lives gone on too long,
Tired of the agony of life itself.

For we know what is good, yet do evil,
Know what is right, yet do wrong,
Know what is love, yet we hate,
Know Your love, yet turn away.

If only, if only, if only, if only,
Life was slower, easier, nicer,
Not struggling, not striving,
Not stifling, not stress filled.

A bit more and I’ll find out the answers,
A year or so and I’ll get to know why,
For I am weary and tired of this place,
Take me home, O Lord, take me home.

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Jesus, the Anarchist Revolutionary


Consider this:
During the most important, the most crucial years of his life, Jesus was entirely homeless. At no point in the gospels do they record that He, Himself, ever possessed any money at all, Judas carried the money they collected. He had no job, as such, except saving our souls, a pretty big project. On the run from an oppressive government that sought to kill Him from before He was born, even, He kept on the move from safe house to safe house, like an escaped slave, throughout His entire ministry. He had to hide out in Syria, of all places, as a refugee, of all things to be, when things got too hot for Him in Israel. When they finally captured Him, the religious elite and the government’s minions deliberately killed Him in the most excruciating and most humiliating way that they had at their disposal.

This man, our Lord, who only protested against His government in peaceful ways, was such a threat to His entire nation that the search to destroy Him went straight on through two occupying administrations. The only directly overt thing he ever, on record, said was to call king Herod “that fox”, which was pretty strong language to use, back then. His single violent revolutionary action ever was against His people doing wrong in His church. This, and His other protest meetings, outraged the leadership of His church so much that they plotted, ordained, and acted in illegal ways even, to cause His sacrificial death. They subverted the more violent of His followers to sell out his leader, hoping to initiate the downfall of His holy cause. They even posted guards over His dead body to keep away His followers.

Despite all this, they failed; He arose. Both the church and the government of His day were toppled, eventually; His followers maintained their faith in Him, even to their own horrible deaths. Since then, the world has done it’s utmost to completely destroy every last trace of His revolution. Dumbing down the faith, using unjust laws, money, war, terror, and anything else they could come up with, they have tried to drown the revolt that He started, throughout all the centuries since then. Yet, the revolution still continues. Christians dying all over the world for their belief. Helping the poor and homeless in all situations and adverse weathers. Comforting those that are ill, even at the risk of their lives. Visiting the beaten down in jails whenever they are allowed. Assisting all those in the most desperate of needs at all times.

It continues. Join us. The working conditions are horrible, He promised us that, but the retirement benefits are bountifully great and last forever.

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The moon shines just as brightly,
As when I was a kid,
As when I was growing up,
As when I grew into adulthood,
As it does now that I am old.
So much has changed that I knew,
So much water under the bridge,
So many people gone forever,
So few left.
And yet,
And yet,
And yet,
And yet,
The moon shines just as bright.img_0907-a

Butterfly’s Cusp

God’s favored sweet child,
Now blessed and free,
Released from the pain
Of love gone all wrong.

Soaring on ethereal wings,
Touching on your flowers,
Caressing their heads,
Loving their beauty.

Love all around you,
All deep and all wide.
Fear not for this,
Your joy will abound.

Soar free.

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Big Birds

Great gulls wheeling silently down to the dump of this city,
Crying in full-throated anger as they climb their way out,
Poisoning the very air they breathe with all of their waste,
Soaring on wings of acute, pointed, lustrous magnificence.

Wafting along, pushing their paths through the firmament,
Red-billed, and Sooty, and Blue-backed, beautifully soaring,
Resolutely striving for altitude, gaining ground foot by foot,
Or drifting to land on the smooth places where they rest.

Lining up in the early morning, warming up in the sun’s heat,
Filled with nervous tension, wheeling across infinite skies,
Turning and twisting, snaking slowly among the wispy clouds,
Rolling up to the gate, dropping off the tired passengers.

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History, Repeated

a 8075_n

My dad, back in the middle of the last century, and at the request of this nation, fought to end fascism. To end a people being herded around and rounded up, to be put in prison camps, then exterminated. They were doing it right, a “just” war, if you will; to stop one particular type of person being singled out as a “problem” and facing a “final solution”. Thousands of Americans died trying to end this kind of tyranny. We won that war, then.b migmoth

History is repeating itself before your very eyes. Instead of a “Jewish Problem”, now it’s called a “Homeless Problem”. The results are much the same. Homeless folks being herded from place to place; Police conducting “sweeps”, chasing them to abandoned places, actually worse than ghettos. Imprisoned for merely being homeless. It will not be too very long before they are being burned to provide electricity to heat your homes. A new “final solution”. You don’t believe it can happen here? The Germans said the same thing, indeed, refused to believe it happened, even when shown the proof.c homeless

We are on the verge, if not over it, of this becoming a fact, in this country. And people that call themselves Christians, just like Hitler did, are at the very heart of it. City governments all across this land have enacted anti-homeless laws that not only discriminate against them, but make it illegal to even *be* homeless. Other, less evilly-intentioned Christians are trying to help the homeless in their communities. By not protesting against the laws that their employees (the city governments) enact, they are complicit in their crimes against humanity.d 361_n

For a couple of examples, in Pensacola,Florida, they have enacted a law that forbids wearing a blanket outdoors. Regardless of the temperature, you can be arrested for doing this. Hawaii has made it illegal to wear a knapsack in certain parts of the islands. Because it might scare away tourists. Right now, homeless folks are being murdered by police, for whatever the reason; “they’re just homeless people, and that’s a problem”. Do not say that it can’t happen here, because it already is happening…here.e 0820_n

Jesus, Himself, claimed homelessness as His own cause. The time that He spent proclaiming the good news to the poor was spent on the run from a government that wanted Him dead, for protesting against their behavior. Every time that you drive past a guy standing on the corner with a sign, you are spitting in Jesus’ face. Every time you do not go make a friend of somebody in need, you are driving the nails in deeper to His wrists and ankles. And when you do not fight against laws that discriminate against the poor, you are driving His cross more firmly into the earth.f IMG00003 B

I have to think that my dad, and countless of those other deceased veterans that died for you, would be ashamed of all of us. I am.

Three Little Things

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1. If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.
Luke 14:22 KJV

2. And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple.
Luke 14:23 KJV

3. So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all he hath, he cannot be my disciple.
Luke 14:33 KJV
These are the three requirements for being a disciple (or follower) of Jesus. It’s there in black and white. If you want to tell other people how to love God, these three things must be accomplished before you can do that. That goes for pastors, deacons, bishops, and anyone else who sets themselves up between you and God. Period. He said so. Anything else is just “seeking” God. Trying to find a way to get closer to Him, without quite arriving there; sidling up alongside of Him, so to speak. Because, once you believe that Jesus meant those words He said, here, you must either act upon that, or not. Either you think that Jesus was insane (I couldn’t give away everything I own!), or you do what He said, in words, to do (forsake all you own). It means turning away from the World (corruption, greed, and hate), and turning toward the Light (caring, sharing, and love). You cannot very well do that in any church that does the one thing that Jesus went berserk over. The one time He totally lost it. Bookstores, that’s what I mean here. It makes me want to go off and flip over cash registers and chase people out of there, when I see sales going on in what is supposed to be God’s home. You gotta consider, though, that all the people in church are broken, that’s why they’re there. They want God, but just don’t necessarily want to do the things He said to do to show that they love Him. It’s more fun to sing about doing good than it is to actually go do that.

aa Picture 2-3-14 013

Hating yourself and everyone you’re related to has got to be the hardest to understand. Most churches teach that this doesn’t mean actually “hating” your family, it means how you feel about them compared to how you should feel about God. The text doesn’t say that. It says to hate them. Okay…if you don’t dislike how your life is going, how can you ever hope to change it for the better? Or…if you don’t dislike how your loved ones are, how can you possibly want them to be better? There’s just one small step, from dislike to hate. One step more of caring, and you get to loving them. Now, if you follow that just one further step, you get to loving others. That’s where you hate the bad part, but love the good part, of everyone you meet. Wanting them to be better, so all of us can be better. Helping others, so they can help yet others.

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The bad things you have done in your life are the only key you get, to open a path into others‘ hearts. Yes…the things you wish you hadn’t done. When your conscience (God’s own voice!) told you not to do something, and you went ahead and did it anyway. Those things can help you to relate to others, to share your knowledge with others, and to learn from others who have already walked on the wrong path. They are the cross that you bear, all your life. They are scars written painfully large upon your heart, the wisdom you have eventually learned in your life.

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The freedom you get from throwing away greed is indescribable. You begin to realize that people are living in pure terror of losing all those things they have. Instead of that fear, you have time for loving everybody else on the planet. That terror, spiritually, comes from not doing what God wants done. Turning from the god of mammon that is greed, and turning toward the true God that is Love. When we are all poor, we will all be rich. Have a King, not a president.

As for me, I say to come, look, and see what I do. I dare you. Failing that, look at my Facebook pages, see the fruit of my work for God. I’m not boasting, here, I’m trying to prod your spiritual imagination. To find a way to carve out a niche where you can make a difference in other people’s lives. Not by giving to Goodwill, or writing a check to The United Way, but touching, feeling, and immersing yourself in other people’s very lives. I want to make your empathy grow and bear the fruits of the Spirit. I want you to hate how everybody is so much that you grow to love them all their lives. I want you to care about others, at least as much as I try to, and work at, every day. I must thank God for helping me write out this rant, it would be impossible, without Him. The name on the narrow gate to heaven is love.

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